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Custom Email Template / copy for up/down Notification [white label]#92

I have a paid account

I want to remove Uptime Robot branding and customise the text

2 years ago

Hi @Solaceten . Are you speaking about up/down notifications or status updates (announcements) emails from Status page, please?

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Custom Email Template for Status Notification" to "Custom Email Template for Status Notification [white label]"
2 years ago
Merged Custom Emails#244
2 years ago
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2 years ago

I agree it would be a very nice feature to customize the notification email, like in the event of an outage for example. I would like to be able to notify customers with an automated email from my company domain and branding with a message stating that their IP may be down, and to encourage upselling them to a higher tier of support in the email as well, which I could do if I could customize the email being sent.

a year ago

Sorry for slow reply. Yes, the email notification,. We should have a full editable template.

10 months ago
Merged Ability To Change Alert Verbiage#900
9 days ago
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9 days ago