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Manual sorting / Reordering for Monitors on Status Page (by dragging)#48


Currently, there are only four options which define the order in which the monitors are displayed on the status page:

  1. A-Z Sort on Friendly Name
  2. Z-A Sort on Friendly Name
  3. Status (Up-Down-Paused)
  4. Status (Down-Up-Paused)

These options are very restrictive and they are not allowing users to display monitors in their prefered order without name manipulation. Requesting for a manual sort option which allows users to simply reorder by drag-n-drop.

2 years ago

Hi there. I agree, we have already thinked about this. We will probably plan this feature in the future. Thanks.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

Hi @Frantisek, thank you for acknowledging the idea. I am sincerely hoping that this gets implemented in near future rather than later :)

2 years ago

I too would like to see this Uptime Kuma does and it can make the page much more professional looking

2 years ago
Merged Custom Status Page Order#284
2 years ago
Changed the title from "Manual Reordering for Monitors on Status Page" to "Manual Reordering for Monitors on Status Page (by dragging)"
a year ago
Merged Sort monitors via dragging#93
a year ago
Merged idea for status page admin view#441
a year ago
Merged By able to sort status by monitoring#743
7 months ago
Merged Sort Monitors on Status Page#793
5 months ago

This feature request is more than 2 years old…. Come on really, how freaking hard can it be to make this…..

4 months ago

This development is taking too long. This is a must-have feature of any status page.

a month ago