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Compile Uptime Notifications into One Message / Monitor dependencies / Cascading monitoring#129

It would be great if instead of spamming our slack channel with hundreds of messages when a server goes down it would instead just group all uptime notifications with the same ip into a single message and say something like “Multiple sites on the ip are down:” and then list all the sites that are down inside the message. This way your slack won’t crash along with the server from overloaded notifications.

2 years ago
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2 years ago

Agreed, but I think this needs to be explicitly set to a group not determined by public IP but rather dependent checks. Simple case, if router fails and causes multiple checks to fail, we currently get that many alerts. Having a critical dependent check of pinging the router for example will supress the notification about 10 sites out and simply send an alert for the router failure.

2 years ago
Merged Add Dependencies#78
a year ago

This is a good idea please could you add it to the roadmap?

8 months ago

The ability to group different uptime checks into a single alert is a blocker for my company to adopt uptimerobot.

7 months ago