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Actually pause monitors in a maintenance window#349


Currently, monitors with an active maintenance window are still displayed as “up” in the dashboard, and also in custom status pages, even when they are actually down for maintenance. There is no UI indication for the dashboard or status page users.

This is very confusing for people using the services, noticing it is not available, checking the status page (as instructed by their sysadmin – “check there first”), seeing the service is supposed to be “up” there, trying again, and then instantly flooding the sysadmin with support tickets “status says it’s up, but I can not reach it”.

Instead, the monitors affected by a maintenance window should go into the visible “paused” state, both in the dashboard and in custom status pages. That way, users checking the status page would see “ah, it’s at least not expected to be up”.

A “paused” state in the dashboard for the duration of the window would also be very helpful here to identify maintenance windows in action – especially when sysadmins take turns, and might not be instantly aware by e.g. changes in maintenance windows.

This feature should not require starting from scratch in the UptimeRobot codebase, as the “pause” function is already implemented and working fine.

Thanks for considering.

2 years ago

Hi @Florian.berger, so basically, you suggest to indicate the maintenance window somehow, right? That’s a good idea for sure.

2 years ago
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2 years ago

I do, but I also specifically suggest to utilize the already implemented “pause mode” for that, as it is already doing everything required both in dashboards and status pages.

2 years ago

Agree - super confusing at the moment, that active Maintenance Windows are nowhere reflected on a Monitor’s status and the Dashboard.

I would also like that the color of the “UP” status is chaning during maintenance, e.g. blue, pink, or anything - including the Chart line during that period. And also for the written status infi (“UP”).

–> seems also related to #562

Added: 2022-12-05

a year ago

clear maint. windows would be nice. there are a bunch of related requests in this platform so hopefully UR will handle them as a group.

7 months ago