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webhook alert enhancements#308


The “webhook” alert contact is a very nice and flexible feature.
But two things are missing which would easily make it even better:

  1. Headers / http-basic auth : These can’t be set for that webhook URL, and that’s problem because some (many) 3rd party may depend upon a particular token/header (bearer) being set.
    (It’s the case for GitLab integration or Zoom message webhook, for example)

  2. Payload placeholders : Would be definitely great to have things like ‘%(time)’ or
    ‘%(hostname)’ available in the payload field so they get replaced dynamically when the webhook is sent.
    %(start_time) # For up alert
    %(end_time) # For down alert
    %(id) # Constant between a corresponding couple of “up” and “down” alerts

And probe-related variabls


I hope this could be included in a future iteration (in the free plan?) so that users
imagination is the only limit.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

The option to add header parameter is perfect. Any system today require some header token or auth.

2 years ago

What about the ability to merge alerts together or supress repeats? For example I want to call an API to create an incident in Freshstatus but if a second alert occurs for a machine in the same DC, I don’t want to create another incident.

2 years ago

Having the option append not to append the default variable to query string. Some third party have issue with it.

2 years ago

Any improvements on this

8 months ago

Bump - without headers it makes it very hard to integrate

2 months ago

We also need custom headers or at least the ability to set a bearer token for webhooks. Otherwise the feature is not usable.

2 months ago