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Allow control of number of days of history shown#140


Love your tool - really easy to use, but I have a little problem.

I want to link to the status page from our website to show our customers that we have great uptime, which I know we do from our own internal monitoring, but as we only set up your tool today, we only have one day of history showing on the bars out of the 90 days shown.

That’s a bit awkward.

It’s awkward because it means I can’t show the status page to my customers.

In order to make your tool immediately useful, it would be better if either:

  • the previous 89 days all showed 100%, or

  • the previous 89 days were not shown at all.

It would be perfect if there was a configuration option to show 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and so on, up to the maximum 90 days - then we could just increase the number of days shown as time goes by and you gather more data. Plenty of other status pages I have seen can be set to only show 7 days of history, for example. I went through every option I could find on your site but didn’t see it - forgive me if this does exist somewhere and I missed it.

You might consider making this a paid feature - but I think you would make more sales more quickly if you didn’t, because it would mean your product is more useful to your users straight away, because it means they can show it to their own customers more quickly.

As it stands it looks like I won’t be able to make your lovely status page public (which is its intended use for us) for a whole three months, which is a long time in e-business, and though I love your tool and want to use it, this means I am incentivised to keep looking for an alternative that will let me show the last 7 days, instead of 90 days.

I hope this feedback is helpful!

2 years ago
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Merged Status Page Date Change#540
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